Disruption: Run, don’t walk this time

It’s all around you

Everyday I have customers, colleagues, friends and family members ask me, “What’s the next great innovation in IT and how can I get ahead of it?”. Often times when I don’t immediately respond they either think I’m confused or frustrated by the question.

While it’s simple to throw out ideas like autonomous driving or a “share this and that” economy, the real disruption lies in what you see and do everyday. Think back to all the great ideas that have sprung up out of nowhere to solve a problem that only a small few realized. A very simple example of this is Nest. Nest looked at the thermostat and knew they could do better. Sure, Nest can still change the temperature in a room but what it untimely did was change the way people consume resources around them. Bonus: Google bought Nest not for the appliance but for the data. Data that is now being fed back to Google to learn about home energy patterns, consumption trends and peak and trough times of utilization.

Embrace now and forever

While there is no secret sauce to success I implore you to look around, open your eyes and figure out what problems you see everyday that others might face too. The idea of “always on and self-service” are becoming the new norm but for those special few that know where and how to monetize this, the future is a very exciting place.

Disruption, it’s not so bad…

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