Great to be back!

Greetings and welcome to my revamped site! A classic tinkerer and inquisitive being, I constantly focus on changing the story by implementing new means of thinking and disruptive ideas. I built my first desktop when I was nine years old and was immediately hooked. Once it was finished, I couldn’t wait to tear it down and figure out how and why everything worked the way it did. As a matter of fact, as a young boy I would often times try and take apart appliances in my parents house just to see how they worked. Needless to say, this didn’t work out too well. Fast forward to today and I am constantly testing, developing and deploying workloads across multiple fronts and hopefully helping you shed some light on the do’s and don’ts out there.

After having my website hosted on the internal site of the Boston University Computer Science Department for the past couple years, I decided to start from scratch. Some of the content that my readers have come to know and love might not be here yet but rest assured I am working diligently to move some of the most requested content over.

A quick 30,000 foot overview of me: Started in economics but was quickly spending more time programming in java and configuring networks than studying econ 101. One day the light bulb went on and I realized I could turn a hobby into a career and boom, changed majors and went into computer science. Several years and a couple degrees later, I am very fortunate and humbled to work with the premier Big Data and Analytics firm of EMC Corporation. Customers are dealing with a deluge of data today and it is only getting worse; my passion is helping customers monetize their data and drive value back to their own internal customers or partners.

In the upcoming posts, I will be focusing on automation, public cloud adoption and how customers are dealing with the massive amount of confusion in the marketplace around the terms clouds, mobile application, web-scale and “insert buzzword here” in the marketplace today.

Please leave comments and let me know what topics you would like covered as well as any feedback you have.

Twitter: @buterrier21

LinkedIn: Ryan Driver



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